Scheduled Exams roadmap


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Version 1.0 - Apatite

OpenExiting from alpha, this is the official release and includes a rebuilding from zero with the MDC for web library

0To do
    2In progress
    • Testing session
    • Docs update
    • DASHBOARD + CLASSROOM: Leave classroom
    • CLASSROOM: Students list
    • CLASSROOM: Share
    • CLASSROOM: Delete
    • CLASSROOM: Edit
    • DASHBOARD: Add classroom
    • DASHBOARD: Join classroom
    • DASHBOARD: Classes list
    • NAVBAR: User and app info
    • NAVBAR: Language selection
    • CLASSROOM: Create list manually
    • CLASSROOM: Create list automatically
    • CLASSROOM: Create list from start date, selecting which school days are subject of exam and how many students per exam
    • LIST: Delete
    • LIST: Edit info
    • LIST: Exams table
    • Print list
    • Print all classroom lists (including more than one per page)
    • CLASSROOM: Manage multiple admins
    • LIST --> EXAMS TABLE: Select or change exam day
    • LIST --> EXAMS TABLE: Manage rows
    • Public view (classrooms/lists)
    • Ads
    • New website
    0Moved to next version
      Updated at: 2020/02/25 13:04:39

      Version 1.1

      OpenAndroid app and other improvements to general user experience

      10To do
      • LISTS ROWS: Check students already examined
      • Add surname for students
      • LIST, CLASSROOM: Collapse buttons when overflowing (like mobile devices)
      • Add DataTables
      • Version based color picker (theme)
      • LIST: Edit details like type, start date and exam weekdays updating the exams table
      • CLASSROOM, LISTS: Icon picker + left sidebar
      • CLASSROOM: Users list
      • LIST: Allow justifications (also in creation screen)
      • Android app
      0In progress
          Updated at: 2020/02/15 13:36:13