This policy applies to this website and app in any form and on any device (web, mobile app, desktop app) of Scheduled Queries

Private data that we obtain and store

Scheduled Queries stores and receives some information from your computer or mobile device, including the activities you do on the website, platforms in The Scheduled Queries apps, the type of hardware and software you are currently (such as the operating system and browser) and information obtained from cookies. For example, every time you visit the site or use our services, we automatically store your IP address, your browser and the type of device, how many times you've logged in, which web page you're browsing from, the country you're browsing from (e.g. Italy or United States), and the web pages you visit (if applicable). There's so much more to this side and we want to keep you informed.

When you register to use Scheduled Queries, we store some of your personal information. These are managed by Maicol07 Account, so for more information visit the service privacy policy.

How we use user data

Scheduled Queries uses user and visitor data for the following general and other specifics, which are also important

  1. To identify the user when logging in to their account, so that you can start the user's security process for the entire session and duration
  2. To enable us to manage the Services and provide them to you without fear of losing valuable confidential information of the Services
  3. To verify transactions and to confirm your purchase, invoicing, security, and authentication (including security tokens for communicating with services). Always take security measures such as not saving passwords in the browser or writing them
  4. To analyze the website or other services and information about our visitors and users, including research on our demographics and user behavior, in order to improve our content and services
  5. To contact you about your account and provide assistance with your account, including by answering comments and questions
  6. To share aggregated (non-identifiable) statistics about Service users with potential advertisers and partners
  7. To keep users informed about the Services and features that we think may be useful or that you have requested
  8. To sell or market products and services to users or other parts of the world where legislation is less restrictive
  9. To better understand your needs and user needs in the aggregate, diagnose problems, analyze trends, improve the features and usability of the Services, and better understand and market to our customers and users
  10. To keep Services safe and secure for everyone using the application, from administrators to regular users with limited rights
  11. We also use unidentifiable information collected for statistical purposes to track the number of visits to the Services in order to introduce improvements and improve the usability of the Services. We can share this type of statistical data so that our partners also understand how often people use the Services, so that they too can provide the user with an optimal experience.

User content we process for users

The Services allow our users to create content stored in our database. User safety is our primary focus in this document.

Consent to use the application

By using any of the Services, or by sending or collecting any personal information through the Services, you consent to the collection, transfer, archiving, disclosure and use of your personal information as set out in this Privacy Statement. If you do not consent to the use of your Personal Information in these ways, please stop using the Services. This should be safe and easy to ensure a great user experience.

Ask what data we have

Scheduled Queries uses tracking technology on the website, applications and platforms, including mobile application identifiers and a unique user ID to help us recognize the user through the different Services, to monitor web traffic usage and routing for the Services, and to customize and improve services.

By visiting this website or using the Services, you accept the use of cookies in your browser and in HTML-based emails. By visiting a website, using any of the Services, or by sending or collecting any personal information through the Services, you agree to use your Personal Information


I have read and accept the [privacy policy] and the terms and terms of use

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